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We Are incorporated in Egypt in 2013 in order to manufacture lead-acid batteries for automotive in Egypt and worldwide. We manufactures and offer a wide range of innovative world class batteries that are built to deliver highest performance for all kinds of vehicles including Cars, SUVs, Two-wheelers, Commercial Vehicles (like tractors, trucks etc.) and Specialized Equipment. These batteries are maintenance-free, long-lasting and ensure smooth functioning of your vehicles. Go ahead, choose a battery which is best for your vehicle to ensure a hassle-free drive.

We are created with precision, using the latest technological advancements and undergo stringent testing to ensure that you get only the best product. We have been designed to be absolutely hassle-free, safe and come with a high warranty. The activity consists in the manufacturing, either directly or through other partner companies, of all kinds of batteries for all kinds of uses.

With our access to raw materials sourcing both locally and overseas, we can provide battery market with a greater range of Premium quality batteries both Low Maintenance and Maintenance Free.

Automotive Batteries Position

  • A battery supplies power to the starter and ignition system to start the engine.

  • A battery also supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle's electrical load exceeds the supply from the charging system.

  • Automotive batteries act as a voltage stabilizer in the electrical system.

  • An automotive battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy

  • An automotive battery evens out voltage spikes and prevents them from damaging other components in the electrical system

Why Us

  • Higher cranking power that ensures Instant Start every time

  •  Made for Middle East with its all-weather enduring performance & temperature resistance (-18°C to 80°C)

  • Available in both advanced Calcium and Hybrid technology, making it suitable for all types of vehicular applications

  • High warranty of up to 30 months along with higher back-up

  • Hassle-free due to lower top-up requirement

  • Complete safety assured by an Advanced Venting System

Motorcycle Batteries

MF 12/7

MF 12/9

LM 12/9

Maintenance Free Batteries

MF 12/7

MF 12/7

MF 12/9

MF 12/9

Motorcycle Battery Plates

Motorcycle Battery Plates

Low Maintenance  Batteries

LM N90

MF 12/9

Motorcycle Battery Plates

Heavy Truck Duty Batteries

Heavy Truck Duty Battery
                LM N150

Heavy Truck Duty Battery
               MF N150

Hard Rubber Batteries

Lead Ingots

Pure Lead Ingots 99.99 %

Antimony Lead

Calcium Lead

Battery Plates & Compounds

Automotive Batteries Plates 

Motorcycle Battery Plates

Expander Automotive Grade

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Orient Batteries Industries


New Salhya , Sharkia , Egypt   \\  Mob : +201008177790



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